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imageAbout Meimage


imageName:  Jenna  a.k.a. Pikachu

imageAge:  14

imageLocation:  California, US of A

imageFavorite Disney movies:  The Lion King & Mulan

imageFavorite cartoon characters:   Pikachu (basically, all the Pokemons are soo cute!), Tweety, Pooh, Teletubbies, Japanese anime, Doraemon, etc...  I wuv cartoons!

imageFavorite Sanrio characters:   Purin The Dog, My Melody, Angel Hello Kitty, and Kuririn.  Check out my Purinfan's Homepage if you are interested!  ^.^

imageFavorite food:  Sushi, ice-cream, any kind of snacks, speghetti, pizza, noodles, Japanese food, etc...

imageFavorite drinks:  Sprite (because it has no caffine), Orange Juice, Water, Green Tea, and Milk.

imageHobbies:  Hang out with my friends, watch TV, read books, listen to songs, go on the Internet, shopping, and many more!

imageFavorite Sports:  Basketball (I'm glad that the NBA lockout ended), tennis, volleyball, ping-pong, badminton, ice-skating, etc...

imageFavorite TV Shows:  Friends, Martial Law, Music videos, Sabrina-The teenage witch, TGIF friday, Saturday Night Live, the news, etc...

imageFavorite Ice-cream flavors:   Vanilla, Chocolate, Mango.

imageFavorite season of the year:   Winter (I can't stand the heat in summer!)