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My Favorite Links

Last modified: December 28, 1998

Here are my favorite links all over the Internet. Yep, there are a lot!  Don't have time to look at them all?   Bookmark this page and come back later!

flower.gif (2012 bytes) indicates NEW links

Need graphics, lines, bars, or bullets for your homepages?  Sure!

Cathrine's Animated Gif's Collection
Bullet World (Beautiful bullets)
Animation City
Clip art connection
Animated GIF's from Xoom

Cartoon Characters

Elmo's Place, Home of Winnie the Pooh and friends!  Lots of great pics.
GREAT pictures of WinnieThePooh, precious moments, & a whole lot more!
Looney Tunes page

Virtual Greeting Cards

Grandma's Greeting Cards Center
Guess Postcards (Must register as a member first, FREE)
Mail your friend some food!  (one of my favorite!)
Send your friend some virtual flowers!  Cool site!
Blue Mountain cards, a pretty famous homepage for cards.
FREE Virtual Bouquets!  (Has beautiful flowers!)
Send a customized card to someone!   (Great homepage!)
Warner Bros. Webcards with cool WB characters!  Very cute.


flower.gif (2012 bytes) (access your bookmarks anywhere in the world!)
flower.gif (2012 bytes)Seventeen Magazine (The coolest magazine for teens!)
The Virtual School Of Music (Learn how to play piano FREE!)
College Board Online (Find out more about SAT tests and some sample questions)
Classic Short Stories
Fantastic Math Tips (Learn some useful Math tips online!)
Daniel Butler's homepage, has cool graphics and layout!

Birthday calculator<<-----Find out what's up on the day you were born!
Find out more about your name!  (What's in your NAME analysis)
Homework helper! (Educational Index)
California Odyssey Of The Mind
California State University's CSUMentor
aball.gif (7394 bytes)Brain Teasers Problems
aball.gif (7394 bytes)A GREAT poem about Drink & Drive.  Worth to take a look!
aball.gif (7394 bytes)Homepage about Michelle Kwan.  Find out a way to get her autograph!
aball.gif (7394 bytes)Earthcam.  Take a look all over the world!

More My Favorite Links