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Telebubbies are cute!   I made this page to introduce telebubbies to you.  Hope you enjoy!

Teletubbies With Flowers

Last modified:  December 23, 1998

Dipsy with the hatDipsy

This is Dipsy.  His fav. thing is his hat!

Laa-Laa with the BIG yellow ballLaa-Laa

This is Laa-Laa.  She is cute with his big ball.  Yellow is one of my fav. color!

Po with the scooterPo

This one is my favorite!!!!  Her name is Po!  My fav. color is red.  Her fav. thing is his scooter!

Tinky Winky with the purseTinky Winky

Tinky Winky!!!  I saw him on an AD, and he was purple.  Why is he in blue in this pic.?!?!?

Here are some pics with the teletubbies group.

These are thumbnails.  Click on them for the original sizes!   =-)

Big HugFalling into the holeOh Dear!Teletubbies