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Feb. 15, 1999

Happy Lunar New Year! Happy Lunar New Year everyone!  Sorry for not updating this homepage for so long, because I've been busy with my homework and other stuff.  Today, I added a new banner to my banner section!   Also lots of new Pokemon pictures!  Check them out now!  Have a nice day!

Jan. 16, 1999

Pochacco Today is Saturday.  I added a very cute banner to my banner section!  This is one of the cutest homepage I've ever seen!  :-)  I also added a search box for my homepage.  It is located on my index page!   It works!  Check it out now!  ^o^

Jan. 15, 1999

Pochacco WoW!   A brand new About Me section is added today.  I hope you will get to know more about me!  :-)   Also, 12 midi songs are added to the midi section!  It has the latest songs from the Backstreet Boys!  I'll never break your heart, All I have to give, and I want You Back from N'Sync!

Jan. 11, 1999

Pochacco A very cool banner is added to the banners section today!  Thank you Christy for submitting this banner to me.  Cool page!  Check it out!

Jan. 8, 1999

Pochacco Happy New Year everyone!  This is my first time updating my page this year.  I added 4 new stamps for 1999 to my Stamps page!  I also added this Tell-a-friend service.  Feel free to tell your friends about this homepage!  It is located at the bottom of the left frame.  Thanks a lot!  ^.^

Dec. 24, 1998

What's New?My Pokemon page is done!   Finally!  Hehe!  Feel free to take a look at it and give me your opinions!  I would like to hear from you!  ^.^  Also, 8 new MIDI songs!  Enjoy!

Dec. 23, 1998

What's New?Sorry for not updating this homepage for such a long time!  I've been very busy with my school work and other stuff.  Sorry for the inconvenience!  Well...  Today, I added a what's new section and message board.  Feel free to leave your comments or report any bugs to me!  Thanks a lot!  ^.^  I'm also working on my Pokemon page.  Coming Soon!  Join my mailing list for the updates!

Dec. 2, 1998

What's New?Fixed the broken links on the Add Banner & Stamps section.

What's New?Added 2 banners to Banners To Cool Pages.

Nov. 26, 1998

What's New?New stamps were added to the My Favorite Stamps section!   Check them out now!  =)  More stamps will be added soon!

What's New?New Award added!  Jenna's Little Room is awarded by Agum Network as "One of THE BEST - Agum Network approved Best Site"!

What's New?I'm working on my Pokemon section.  It will be up pretty soon!  Check back often or join our mailing list!  =)