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Pikachu Pokemon Gallery Pikachu


Pokemon is a Japanese name for "Pocket Monster".  They are some cute characters that were found in 1995!  They appear in Nintendo videogames, TV, and even virtual pets!  Pikachu (the one in the picture above) is the most popular Pokemon character overall!  He is also my favorite.  I collected some pictures of him, and I would like to share them with you!  Hope you like them!  :-)

Last modified:   November 25, 1998

Let me introduce some other Pokemon characters to you!  Here are just my favorite character.  There are other characters too!  You can get more information from the Pokemon Official Homepage!

This is Ash.  He is a Pokemon trainer!  His job is to train his pokemon and the pokemon will fight with other pokemon (their enemies).

This is Pikachu!  Ash's very first pokemon!  He is always with Ash wherever he goes, and he is very cute!!!  =)

Misty Misty
This is Misty.  She is Ash's friend!  They met each other in the 1st episode when Ash stole Misty's bike to get the injured Pikachu to the Pokemon center.

This is Brock.  He is also Ash's friend.