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My Favorite Stamps

Bon Bon

Last modified: January 8, 1998

Here are my favorite stamps around the world.  I am a stamp collector.   If you are a stamp collector too, feel free to e-mail me.  Let's share our interests!

*Note: Click on the thumbnails for actual sizes!*

New Stamps for 1999

Daffy Duck Fruit Berries Victorian Pink Victorian Purple

~~*Did you notice that all the 32-cent stamps became 33 cents?  That's because starting January 10th, we'll have to pay 33 cents instead of 32 cents to mail a letter from the USA to USA!   ^.^*~~

<Bugs Bunny> Issue: May 22, 1997 <Sylvester & Tweety> Issue: April 27, 1998 <Supersonic Flight> Issue: Oct. 14, 1997 <Department of the Air Force> Issue: Sep. 18, 1997 <Ballet> Issue: Sep. 16, 1998 <Celebrate the Century: 1930's> Love Swans Issue: Feb. 4, 1997 Love Cherub

<Celebrate the Century: 1900's> Issue:Feb. 3,1998 <Garden Flowers> Issue: Jan. 19,1996 <Flowering Trees> Issue: March 19, 1998

<Bright Eyes> Issue: Aug. 20, 1998

If you want to see more stamps or order stamps, go to these pages:

aball.gif (7394 bytes)United States Postal Service
aball.gif (7394 bytes)Stampsonline